Prisoner’s Attitudes Toward Using Distance Education Whilst in Prisons in Saudi Arabia

Abdulkarim Al saif
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
This research explores prisoners’ attitudes for undertaking distance-learning courses whilst in prison, and considers both the benefits and the difficulties experienced by prisoners as a result of their academic work. It is based on over 35 questionnaires completed by 300 current prisoners. The research was conducted in three prisons throughout the country in three different provinces. In addition to providing an in-depth account of the role that education can play during a prison sentence and beyond, it is intended that the experiences shared by these prisoners will provide the basis for additional guidance and support for future distance-learning inmates. The data of this study show that the prisoners in general demonstrated positive attitudes toward using distance education whilst in prisons. The remarkable finding was that the prisoners were self-motivated to engage in the computer and Internet use to continue their academic studies whilst in prison and learn new skills for getting jobs after prison. This finding supports the possibility of the prisoners’ engagement in distance education courses offered at prisons.
distance education, attitude toward distance education, prisoners, motivating factors, inhibiting factors.
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