Blended Proposal of Orientation Scientific Works by Comparison Face-to-Face and Online Processes

Pollyana Mustaro
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
The execution of academic researches - such as Undergraduate work, Master’s or PhD Thesis - is often supervised by a research advisor. The development process of such works could be characterized as face-to-face, remote or blended orientation, which combines both of former ones. The construction of a proposal for blended academic orientation involves mapping and analysis of elements, as well as didactical and communication structures that would differs face-to-face meetings from virtual interactions. The paper presents some considerations about relevant characteristics related to digital generation and learning theories that value interaction in order to built knowledge, thus allowing the determination of a blended methodology that aims to enhance intrinsic motivation and investigative posture of students at any level.
blended orientation, face-to-face orientation, online orientation, advisor-advisee relationship, digital communication tools.
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