Can Online Tutors Improve the Quality of E-Learning?

Viktorija Sulcic, Alja Sulcic
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
In the paper we tried to present online tutoring as a solution to quality issues of e-leaming that e-leaming providers from all over the world are facing. We also briefly presented different roles of online tutors and the skills needed to perform these roles successfully. The online tutoring system was introduced to support students of e-learning courses at our faculty. Through various researches we tried to ascertain the impact online tutors have on student activity and study success. Our researches showed that tutors can improve study outcomes (although not so much students’ grades) and that their activity is well accepted by students (especially part-time students). Finally, we tried to combine all of our findings in a model for online tutoring that tries to identify the key elements and skills tutors need for an efficient support of e-learning delivery.
e-learning, online tutors, tutorial learning, higher education, blended learning.
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