Experiences in Building and Using Decision Support Systems in Postgraduate University Courses

Arthur Tatnall, Stephen Burgess
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
In this paper we will relate some of our experiences in building and using simple Decision Support Systems (DSS) for use in two postgraduate subjects at Victoria University in Melbourne. These subjects are not about Decision Support Systems, but are Information Systems (IS) subjects that introduce, amongst other things, concepts of decision support and DSS. It has been our experience that the complexity, an inability to examine the logic behind decisions that have been recommended, the proprietary nature and the cost of commercial DSS make their use in teaching less than ideal. Our solution was to produce our own simple systems using Excel, Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications, and this has proved to be quite successful. The paper reports on building and using Decision Support Systems in this way.
Decision support, university courses, postgraduate studies, business students, programming.
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