Offshore Outsourcing: New Spin Or Same Old Business

Sudesh Duggal, Carl Simkonis
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
America has been, historically, the leading edge of much of the world’s engineering and IT innovations. However, with the current trends of Offshore Outsourcing high tech and high paying employment, the questions arise: why go into these fields at all. Why involve yourself with the rigorous academic requirements demanded of these disciplines; especially when one considers the real possibility of being outsourced out of a job to offshore companies. As more and more high paying American jobs are outsourced to foreign markets, we must start to recalculate the bene-fit/cost ratios of no holes barred free trade practices. The current economic expansion, we are currently experiencing, is a unique one. It has not created jobs; nor has it added to real wage growth. This has not added to the overall American standard of economic life. The benefits of the expansion have been skewed very favorably to corporate American.
OffShore Outsourcing, Economic Effect
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