Can We Reduce Students’ Negative Attitude Towards Math?

Jaime Fonseca
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
This study concerns the teaching/leaming experience of Data Analysis at the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), Technical University of Lisbon, first in Sociology course, and next in Social Communication course. In both cases, Data Analysis subject was teaching/leaming of the discipline of Mathematics and Statistics for the Social Sciences. This study aims to find the effect of the use of new technologies on teaching/leaming the Data Analysis subject, and, more than that, it wants to know if this use can reduce the effect of negative experiences when learning Mathematics. From the used dataset, based on a questionnaire, we first profiled students, based on Latent Class Models; then we concluded that the negative attitude toward Mathematics’ learning until the 9 year (compulsory) schooling, influenced their performances on the Quantitative Methods (QM) subject, at the secondary level, but the same did not happened with the Data Analysis’ performance at University.
Kewords Teaching/Learning Paradigm, Information and Knowledge Society, Latent Class Models, Information Criteria, Hypotheses Tests.
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