Challenges IT Instructors Face in the Education Process and Self-Education

Ljiljana Ruzic-Dimitrijevic, Maja Dimitrijevic
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
This paper is about the challenges IT instructors face due to the rapid development of the information technology. IT instructors need to continuously update their own skills and knowledge through self-education. They also need to frequently update course syllabuses and make major changes in the course textbooks if they write them. In order to understand and evaluate these challenges, we conducted a survey among the IT instructors from several colleges and universities, particularly focusing on teaching introductory computer science courses. The focus of the survey is the need for the instructors' self-education and updating of the course syllabuses and textbooks due to the information technology rapid development. We have analyzed the results of the survey, and give recommendations for the most efficient self-education of the IT instructors.
IT instructor self-education, introductory IT courses, IT development, IT education
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