Concept Maps as a Learning Assessment Tool

Loredana La Vecchia, Marco Pedroni
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Over recent decades, the process of teaching/leaming has become ever more complex. The increasing school population, and the advent of new IT applications and of networking, together with the requirement for continuous training, have comprehensively overturned the simplistic approach to the process that had previously been pursued. As a result, the evaluation of the process has also been overhauled - having once been a selective practice, it is now considered to be an activity that generates quality in teaching. However, it appears that the tools used to carry out evaluations have been lagging behind in terms of innovation. In an effort to close this gap, the authors here offer a study of the possibility of using closed tests that can be analysed in terms of rigorous algorithms, are replicable through automated software and use the concept map structure in a variety of ways.
concept maps, evaluation, e-learning, assessment.
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