An Architecture of a Computer Learning Environment for Mapping the Student’s Knowledge Level

Edson Pimentel, Nizam Omar
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
It is unquestionably essential for students to gather their previous knowledge of specific subjects when they are about to learn new and more complex ones. The gaps left by the absence of well-defined learning prerequisites not only contribute to the increase in the learning difficulties, but also lead many students to fail in school. This situation gets even more serious when students are not aware of these gaps and do not know how to identify them. In this scene, the learning assessment process as a knowledge measuring device occupies a fundamental role. This paper represents an attempt to set out architecture of a computer learning environment for mapping the student’s knowledge level, which allows for a more specific identification of the learning gaps in order to supply the educational system with qualitative information.
Interactive Learning Environment, Assessment, Knowledge Acquisition Level.
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