It is Time to Add Kurdish Culture to VS .NET Globalization

Azad Ali, Frederick Kohun
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Starting with the introduction of Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET) application developers can write programs that may be used for different languages listed in VS .NET globalization. However, the list of languages is incomplete and is missing many. One of these missing languages from VS .NET globalization is the Kurdish: a language written and spoken by millions of Kurds around the world. Previous research conducted by the authors made a case for adding the Kurdish language to the globalization component of the .NET Framework. We were hopeful that the Kurdish will be added to VS .NET in the latest version (VS .NET 2005) that was yet to be released in full version at the time of writing that paper. However, VS .NET 2005 has been released, and to our disappointment, Microsoft excluded the Kurdish language again from the languages it supports in VS .NET. This paper is to emphasize adding Kurdish to VS .NET globalization component. It shows that there are no technical, lingual or cultural hurdles for adding Kurdish to VS .NET globalization and thus it is time to add the Kurdish Culture to the newly released Microsoft .Net Framework.
VB Globalizations, VB New languages, VB Kurdish, VS Kurdish
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