The Technology Ownership and Information Acquisition Habits of HBCU Freshmen

Nicole Buzzetto-More, Retta Sweat-Guy
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
In a world of expanding information and technological resources, there is increasingly a need for a citizenry that is able to access and use information and technology effectively (American Library Association, 2000). An information and technologically literate person should have access to, and be able to use, a host of available resources that include libraries, databases, and the internet in order to retrieve, evaluate, and use information effectively (Weil, 2006). This paper reports the findings of a study conducted at two Historically Black Universities that examined technology ownership and usage, as well as, the information acquisition habits of freshmen.
Technological Literacy, Information Literacy, Technology Ownership by Minority Students, HBCU Freshmen
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