How an “Imperative” IS Development was Saved from a Failing Course of Action - A Case Study

Jeremy Fowler, Pat Horan, Chris Cope
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
When an information systems (IS) development project exceeds time, budget and functional constraints a point is reached where the decision has to be made to abandon it or attempt to save it. Some systems are of such value that management is prepared to take extraordinary measures to save them. This paper examines a case study of one such system whose development was saved from likely failure by a combination of good project management, intervention of a business sponsor and a synergistic relationship between management and the system developers. Organizational culture’s role in the project’s development is also examined in order to present a more holistic view of how the project’s successful outcome was generated.
Information systems’ success, information systems’ failure, organizational culture, project management.
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