Using the Information Orientation Maturity Model to Increase the Effectiveness of the Core MBA IS Course

Kregg Aytes, John Beachboard
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
This paper describes the use the Information Orientation (IO) Maturity Model as the basis of a MBA course-based project. The IO model explicitly draws the relationship between business performance and several information and technology management concepts. More importantly, the IO Model is accompanied by a specific method of gathering and analyzing data, and includes general recommendations on how to improve the “IO Maturity” of an organization. The concepts of the model, coupled with the structure present in the data collection and analysis process, allow students to experience the dynamic environment of a live organization in a manner beneficial to both them and the organization. Both the students and the cooperating organizations found the projects valuable. At the completion of the project, the students had a greater appreciation and understanding of the role of information and technology management in the success of an organization, and simultaneously benefited from observing the management issues in the organization.
IT alignment, MBA core course, information culture
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