To TxT or Not to TxT: That's the Puzzle

Tiong Goh, Val Hooper
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
This paper describes the potential use of a SMS crossword puzzle system to promote interaction and learning activities in a large classroom environment. While personal response systems (PRS) have been used in the classroom environment to foster interaction, it is not an ideal tool with respect to cost and functionality. These limitations prompted the need for an alternative solution. A SMS crossword puzzle system was thus devised. The system consisted of two parts: modem software to interface with mobile phones and a database application to generate puzzles, track users’ input and display an updated puzzle view. A pilot evaluation was conducted with three main objectives in mind. First the evaluation intended to determine the motivational potential of the puzzle by assessing the significance of the factors which comprise the constructs of learner motivation. Second, the evaluation intended to identify any differences in motivational factors between a junior and a senior class. Finally, the evaluation intended to assess the potential of behavioral intention to use/play the SMS crossword puzzle in the future. The pilot evaluation also sought to identify areas for improvement and to prepare for future full scale evaluation of the SMS crossword puzzle system.
short message service (SMS); mobile phones; interactive learning; crossword puzzle
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