Experimenting with extreme Teaching Method - Assessing Students’ and Teachers’ Experiences

Riikka Vuokko, Pia Berg
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
During the course Implementation of Information Systems in Organizational Context we experimented with a reflexive and participative teaching method called eXtreme Teaching. This method proposes a consideration for values, such as respect, communication, feedback, courage, and simplicity, in teaching. We wanted to experiment with an informal teaching method to gain more interaction. During the course, an openly discursive atmosphere was achieved through careful planning and spontaneous performance. In this article, we propose an approach that successful learning experiences are not achieved only by the efforts of teachers but also by students’ active participation and interests towards the course issues.
Implementation of information systems, teaching in computer science, eXtreme Teaching, assessing teaching, teaching interaction
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