Learning Object Educational Narrative Approach (LOENA): Using Narratives for Dynamic Sequencing of Learning Objects

Pollyana Mustaro, Ismar Silveira
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Learning objects-based architectures often allows the creation of coarse-granular learning resources by aggregating learning objects retrieved mainly from well-structured public repositories. Nonetheless, the learning resource building process is not exactly trivial, since proper selecting and sequencing strategies must be applied in order to make it useful for learning purposes, as well as to make it fit in pedagogical goals previously established. This paper shows LOENA (Learning Object Educational Narrative Approach), an architecture built over a theoretical basis that uses narrative-driven hypertext patterns to properly structure the sequencing of learning objects, providing a ready-to-use, pluggable way to implement learning paths in some teaching-learning context.
learning objects, narratives, hypertext patterns, learning resources, collaborative learning
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