ICT Strategy in an ICT User Perspective: Exploring Alignment between ICT Users and Managers

Harald Fardal
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
This study adds to the body of knowledge in research of ICTs in organizations by exploring the relevance of alignment between ICT users and managers responsible for the ICT strategy and ICT project processes. Alignment research is usually conducted at an organizational analytical level, but this study explores alignment between individuals by addressing ICT managers and ICT users, considering both the organizational and individual perspectives. Data was collected by interviewing ICT users and the CIO in a Norwegian entrepreneur corporation. Using a grounded theory analytical approach, the findings provide support for an emerging User Management Alignment Model (UMAM) where the outcome is better ICT strategy and project processes.
ICT strategy, ICT projects, alignment, user participation, user satisfaction, user initiatives
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