A Methodology for Increasing Business Process Maturity in Public Sector

Mojca Indihar Stemberger, Andrej Kovacic, Jurij Jaklic
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Non-profit organizations such as public sector organizations have some specifics, which make renovation projects significantly different. It is clear that radical changes in the execution of business processes and in the organizational structures are not suitable for the public sector because they are not possible for many, also political, reasons. A business process change in public sector mostly means unification of business processes, automation of some activities and elimination of some unnecessary ones. Organizational changes are achievable only to a certain limit. Therefore classic business process renovation methodologies have to be adapted. The proposed methodology that is presented in the paper has been successfully applied in a process change project at one of the Slovene Ministries, which is presented as a case study. Activities, techniques, and tools are proposed for each of the six traditional business process change project’s stages. Problems and topics to which special attention has to be paid are also discussed.
business process management, methodology, business process maturity, public sector, business process modeling, business process change, case study
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