Study of Relations between Computer Experience and Readiness to Access Internet Resources

Andrzej Malachowski
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
The paper presents results of studies among computer users, demonstrating a remarkable relation between history of computer use (computer experience) and readiness to access Internet resources (Internet access). The observed relation, referred to as ‘Internet entry delay syndrome’, may be described as follows: the greater the user’s computer experience, the longer it takes him/her to decide on accessing Internet and using it on a regular basis. The delay is markedly shorter for inexperienced computer users. The results of the study can be invaluable for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), allowing for more precise design of network infrastructure, as well as for local administration authorities striving to implement the policy of information society through development of information structures and services and improving Internet access on local and regional scale.
computer users, Internet users, Internet (users) entry delay syndrome.
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