College Transformation through Enabling Agility

Mary McCully, Elizabeth McDaniel
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Government organizations and universities are traditional and bureaucratic institutions. One government-sponsored graduate-level college undertook a transformation to develop agility in spite of academic traditions and a risk-averse culture to take advantage of Information Age concepts, opportunities, and tools. As a result, the college, dedicated to developing information leaders who can leverage information and information technology for strategic advantage, is becoming increasingly agile. By engaging stakeholders, the college is sensing the learning needs of government organizations, and re-designing current, and developing new programs and tailored educational services. Through its large distributed learning program, the college is reaching students around the world, and is expanding its global reach by supporting communities of practice. College leaders streamlined the organizational design to create teams of faculty to develop and deliver programs responsive to student needs. Replacing command-and-control systems, the leaders are re-framing the organization’s reason for being, governing principles, and high-level business process design.
Agility, sense-and-respond, transformation, netcentricity, information age
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