Sequential Application of Indicators in Degrees of Intellection for Systematic Information Analysis

Victor Cavaller
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
The aim of this paper is to define the architecture of the information analysis towards a proposal of methodology on systematic information analysis. First, the author shows the dimensions that state the architecture of information management. Second, the work explores the concept of indicator, as the measurement of the relation between data, and presents the results of a theoretical study of the scales that determine the analytical procedure of information from a systematic perspective. Third, the hierarchical architecture of indicators is reviewed from the literature taking the classification of scientometrics indicators as reference standard to its projection on extended metrics of information. The paper suggests from the review that the analytical progress of sequential application of indicators, based in a hierarchical architecture: (1) is the main guarantee to ensure a methodological systematisation of analytical procedure; (2) may be defined as the systematic order of intellection: (3) and allows a rigorous, integral and exhaustive information management in organisations.
Information analysis, indicators, knowledge management, scientometrics, datamet-rics.
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