Using Video to Record Summary Lectures to Aid Students’ Revision

Janice Whatley, Amrey Ahmad
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Video as a tool for teaching and learning in higher education is a multimedia application with considerable promise. Including video within the online support material for a module can help students to gain an understanding of the material and prepare for assessment. We have experimented with using short videos that summarise the lectures given, as an aid for students to use when revising. An interpretive method has been adopted to investigate the use students make of these videos, during the teaching term and when revising for assessment. In this paper a summary of ways that video can be used for supporting teaching and learning is given, the ways in which we used video are presented followed by discussion of some issues relating to producing summary length videos. Preliminary research indicates that students find these summary lectures very useful for reviewing lecture material as well as for their revision.
Video, learning, revision, assessment.
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