From Tailored Databases to Wikis: Using Emerging Technologies to Work Together More Efficiently

Amanda Regolini, Frederic Berger, Emmanuelle Jannes-Ober, Luuk Dorren
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
This article describes the emergence of collaborative work between researchers and information professionals through the presentation oftwo tools developed within Cemagref. The first tool is a traditional database and the second a Wiki; they were both implemented by information professionals with the contribution of information technology (IT) experts. The role of Cemagref information professionals is to provide researchers with expertise on information technology. The first task ofthe ten Cemagref documentation departments is to supply our researchers with suitable data. This paper develops this experience through the description of two existing systems. Not only can researchers now retrieve information, but they are also able to feed the databases with their own information.
scientific and technical information, scientific publishing, monitoring, database, wiki.
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