In Search of SecondLife Nirvana

Doug Vogel, Maxwell Guo, Phil Zhou, Stella Tian, Jacky Zhang
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
Pedagogically-driven support for groups is a continuing challenge as we move forward in embracing technology in an ever changing educational environment. SecondLife (www. is a virtual environment that is receiving global attention and recognition. In this paper, we compare SecondLife to other group support technologies through an extended T echnology Acceptance Model (TAM) lens. The environment chosen is a virtual team space in which an online book is produced through interactions between graduate students in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. A portfolio of technologies including email, forums, videoconferencing, SecondLife, and MSN was provided for team support and subsequently evaluated. Results indicate that SecondLife (at least in its current incarnation) is likely to need some reincarnation prior to ascent to Nirvana. In that sense, it is a goal hoped for but yet to be attained in supporting teams. Suggestions for development and directions for future research are provided. Conclusions are drawn.
virtual worlds, technology acceptance, TAM, group support, pedagogy, Second Life
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