Critical Skills for Computer Academicians - Course Proposal

Muhammad Shaheen, Zahoor Ur Rehman
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The numbers of Computer Science professionals are rapidly increasing in Pakistan. Earlier revisions ofthe CS curriculum made by Higher Education Commission (EEC), Pakistan were based upon the critical skills needed for the professionals according to the demands of market. Unfortunately no effort was made to determine the critical skills needed for computer academicians. As part of the course development process for academicians, a study was conducted to determine the expected skills and knowledge required for these academicians. The academicians are divided into three main groups: Computer Programming instructors, Databases Instructors and Computer Networks instructors. These groups were made after the survey of demand from IT industry in Pakistan. It was concluded from the survey that More than 65% Computer professional jobs are required for the mentioned groups. An online survey tool ( was developed to collect the data from respondents about the importance of various skills for computer science academicians. Ph.D professors, Ph.D Assistant Professors and Lecturers having Bachelors degree in Computer Science or relevant discipline are included in the list of respondents. The results indicate that the conceptual knowledge about three groups will be important with handsome emphasis on advanced applications. By applying principal component analysis and correlation analysis on the data collected by online survey the prominent factors were identified on the basis of which a course plan was developed. In coming years the better results will produce by the proposed curriculum.
curriculum development, computer academician, programming instructors, database instructors, networks instructors, teaching assistants.
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