Evaluation of Learning Objects from the User's Perspective: The Case of the EURIDICE Service

Elena Maceviciute, Thomas D. Wilson
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
We describe a project to evaluate an image database within an educational context. The partners in the EURIDICE project were educational institutions in a number of countries, together with other agencies and one commercial partner. Input to the database was provided by the commercial partner, a public library, and state archives. Evaluation was guided through a workshop in which all institutions participated to ensure comparability of data across the Project. Specific attention was paid to the needs of sight impaired students. The results indicated that the image database was considered to be of value for teaching and learning, but required further work to make it a fully viable system. In particular, the scope of the database needed to be expanded and the retrieval mechanisms improved.
learning objects, evaluation, EURIDICE, information users, image database
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