Web Based Data Capture for Clinical Research

Stephen Smith, Samuel Sambasivam
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is increasingly being used in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries to gather research data worldwide from doctors, hospitals and universities participating in clinical trials. In this highly regulated environment, all systems and software must be thoroughly tested and validated, a task that is burdensome in terms of time and cost. Starting with database structures that are designed to be copied easily, this paper proposes a simple framework that allows for rapid development and minimal testing. The framework includes tools for building modules, for copying modules from one trial to the next, and tools to validate that the modules are the same as modules that have been fully tested previously. A proof-of-concept prototype has been built to demonstrate certain tools and techniques that can be used when designing and building a simplified EDC interface.
electonic data capture, object orientation, prototyping, clinical research
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