Perceptions of Roles and Responsibilities in Online Learning: A Case Study

Annemieke Craig, Annegret Goold, Jo Coldwell, Jamie Mustard
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The extensive introduction of online technologies to support teaching and learning is impacting how teachers teach and students learn. It is also affecting both teaching staff s and students’ perceptions of what each others’ roles are. The research reported here is part of a larger study that explored different aspects of teaching and learning in online environments. This study was undertaken within an Australian university and involved an institution-wide survey of students. The paper reports on students’ perceptions of their roles as online learners and the expectations they have of online teachers. The outcomes of the research suggest that different cohorts of students have different expectations. These expectations are informed by their mode of study and also by their perceptions of how staff engage with online teaching. Recommendations include proactive management of student expectations by staff, as well as a commitment by staff to meet those expectations.
Online learning, E-learning, online teaching, role of online teacher, role of online learner
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