Building a Framework to Support Project-Based Collaborative Learning Experiences in an Asynchronous Learning Network

Timothy Ellis, William Hafner
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
Providing students in an asynchronous learning network (ALN) a rich learning environment is not easy, especially in terms of promoting higher cognitive functioning such as analysis and evaluation. The use of project-based, collaborative assignments has been demonstrated to foster greater depth of learning in traditional classroom settings, but this type of assignment is very difficult to plan, develop, and execute in an ALN. This paper presents a case study describing a systems-based framework for designing, implementing, and evaluating project-based collaborative learning experiences to be delivered via an ALN. Included in the framework is an analysis of the benefits of both collaborative and project-based learning, an examination of the challenges to incorporating project-based collaborative learning activities, and an examination of specific procedures to address those challenges.
project-based learning, collaborative learning, distance education, asynchronous learning networks.
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