Analysing Online Teaching and Learning Systems Using MEAD

Shona Leitch, Matthew Warren
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The review of literature pertaining to systems analysis and design and the design of systems for online teaching and learning has identified some “gaps” and has shown the need for a more specialised and specific method for the design of such systems. This paper presents research that was conducted to collect information to assist in the filling of the gaps of the systems analysis and design knowledge within Australia and also presents a method for the development of online teaching and learning systems. Currently design is done in an ad-hoc fashion with little formal input from the student users; this research aims to rectify this. The paper puts forwards an educational design approach based upon Soft Systems Methodology (SSM). The outcome of the research is a practical method - the Method for Educational Analysis and Design (MEAD).
Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), Method for Educational Analysis and Design (MEAD), Online learning.
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