Using a Learner-Centered Approach to Teach ICT in Secondary Schools: An Exploratory Study

Said Hadjerrouit
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
Despite the importance of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a school subject in secondary education, there is a lack of an integrated ICT pedagogy that is elucidated within a broad framework of educational practice. The focus is still on technicalities and reproduction of knowledge rather than conceptual understanding of ICT. To realize the potential inherent in ICT, there is a need for innovative ICT pedagogies in secondary education. The purpose of this work is to involve student teachers in applying and evaluating a learner-centered ICT teaching method in their teaching practice at the secondary school level. The goal is to explore student teachers’ learning processes when practicing the method and critical factors of success.
Design-based research, digital literacy, ICT pedagogy, learner-centered ICT teaching, learning cycle
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