Open Online Assignment Submission: First Year Students' Behavior and Views

Dorothy Langley, Miky Ronen, Shlomit Ben Shachar
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The Open Assignment Submission (OAS) is an innovative regime whereby students submit homework assignments of an appropriate nature into a designated open forum provided by the Learning Management System (LMS). Our previous research, carried out with a cohort of Education graduates, indicated possible benefits and challenges of OAS as a means of supporting assignment submission through learning from peer examples. The current paper presents a recent explorative case study into the behaviour patterns and views of 55 first year students regarding OAS, during the very early stages of the Academic Literacy course. Drawing on two main data sources (a self-report questionnaire and data of student access and submission retrieved from the course LMS records) we have found characteristic patterns of peer-example viewing, assignment submission schedules and related grades. The OAS regime appears to provide an appreciated learning support and has a potential to promote intentional learning.
Open Assignment submission, LMS, peer examples, learning support, viewing patterns, assignment submission patterns
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