The Influence of Intelligence and Personality on the Use of Soft Skills in Research Projects among Final Year University Students: A Case Study

Mahendrenath Motah
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The paper examines the moderating influence of the “Big Five” model of personality, emotional intelligence, and the impact of multiple intelligences, on the use of soft skills among final year students. The present work investigates the variables which affect students in the elaboration of their research projects during their final year of study. 187students reading for their final years were asked to fill out questionnaires comprising questions on the personality traits as proposed in the Big Five model and on Multiple Intelligences. This study provides information about how young students use soft skills in their work, and how multiple intelligences and their personality influence the preparation and presentation of their final year project.
Personality, soft skills, intelligence, big five model, research project, multiple intelligences.
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