The Social Cost of the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies: Communication on the Young of the Republic of Mauritius

Mahendrenath Motah
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The applications of the Information, Education and Communication approaches to all sectors have brought unexpected changes in the attitudes and behaviours of people of all ages. The overwhelming amount of theoretical and empirical work done regarding the impact of ICT on educational processes has highlighted the benefits of ICT to students, teachers, and parents. Mauritius is faced with a double dilemma: the positive value of information technologies, on the one hand, and the potentialities and possibilities of the negative impact on the life of people on the other. This paper aims to gauge the impact of the ICT, IEC and IT on the Mauritian population confronted with the issues related to the access to information through the technological advances the world has been exposed to. It is also to draw the attention of policy-makers of the need to consider the “digital opportunity” and its influence on the Mauritian population.
Social cost, Information, Education and Communication, Information and Communication Technologies, social change, digital opportunity index
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