The Theory of Infoledge: A Logical Mathematical and Geometrical Interpretation

Firas Alkhaldi, Mohammad Olaimat
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
This paper presents a logical, mathematical and geometrical interpretation of the previously presented term, infoledge. There is a strong relationship between the infoledge concept and complex numbers, which is utilized by the researchers in the mathematical interpretation of the infoledge concept. Autopoietic theory skeleton is the starting point in the current paper. Further more, the physical concepts, namely, kinematics and dynamics are introduced utilizing the cognition based concepts and certain concepts like domain and space. The current interpretation is expected to help in knowledge transfer simulation, cognition and recognition, artificial intelligence developing tools efforts. It is expected that the findings will enhance the relevant literature and applications.
autopoietic theory, imaginary numbers, complex numbers, cognition, infoledge, knowledge transfer.
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