Informing through User-Centered Exploratory Search and Human-Computer Interaction Strategies

Panagiotis Petratos
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
In this article the subject of Informing through user-centered Exploratory Search and Information Retrieval utilizing human-computer interaction strategies is analyzed. Exploratory Search is a new field that has sprung from the more general Information Retrieval. Informing Science is a trans-discipline which transcends a large variety of fields and seeks how to best inform all the clients of interest. One facet of Informing Science, the process of elucidating the best methods of informing inquiring clientele, is served by user-centered Exploratory Search and human-computer interaction strategies. This work explains a human factors method which allows the comparison of the performance of multiple IR systems and can enhance the comparative topic focused IR search quality. This human factors method also allows the human participants to provide their IR explicit feedback and record these judgments as a gold standard for future comparison. This human factors method is tested by established statistical analysis and allows the statistical comparison of the IR performance of a selection of IR systems. This work also demonstrates the results of this human factors method after testing it upon three leading IR systems, Google, Yahoo and Live Search.
Information Retrieval Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Exploratory Search.
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