Developing an Online Tool for Sales Representatives of Cosmetic Products

Manzarany Kadell, Sameer Sunhaloo, Jeetendre Narsoo
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
We present the initial study based on the development of an online tool for sales representatives of cosmetic products in Mauritius. The management tool to be developed is expected to help the sales representatives to better manage their business. Virtually all the sales representatives in Mauritius are currently using a manual system and hereby face lots difficulties to optimize their business. We expect that the web-based stock management tool for the sales representatives will help to solve this problem in an effective way by providing an online means to manage the system which they can securely access from anywhere via the Internet. In this article, we analyze the various problems that the representatives are currently facing and we provide considerable solutions to these problems. We also describe the various functionalities and features that the system will cater for.
sales representative, cosmetic products, web-based stock management tool.
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