Measurement of Resources and Investments to Develop Digital Learning Objects

Mariana Machado, Luiz Augusto Marcelino, Pollyana Mustaro
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
The present research aims to evaluate digital learning objects architecture and build metrics -based on analyze of the financial, administrative and software engineering aspects - to define a prevision of the necessary investment to develop digital learning object. To develop some metrics it was necessary an online survey research with professionals that works with digital learning objects development. The study of the answers and some theoretical approaches of instructional design, software engineering, and learning objects characteristics turned possible create a Web application in Java that provides a prevision of the initial investment for the development of digital learning object. This program is based on the definition of a methodology that considers activities and professionals involved in the process and the execution time of each stage of digital learning object development in a dynamic way.
learning objects, metrics, software engineering, methodology, measure investments.
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