Alternatives for Pragmatic Responses to Group Work Problems

Bill Davey, Karoly Bozan, Robert Houghton, Kevin R. Parker
InSITE 2016  •  2016  •  pp. 919
Group work can provide a valuable learning experience, one that is especially relevant for those preparing to enter the information system workforce. While much has been discussed about effective means of delivering the benefits of collaborative learning in groups, there are some problems that arise due to pragmatic environmental factors such as the part time work commitments of students. This study has identified a range of problems and reports on a longitudinal Action Research study in two universities (in Australia and the USA). Over three semesters problems were identified and methods trialled using collaborative tools. Several promising solutions are presented to the identified problems, including the use of video tutorials and commentary using screen recordings as a means of providing feedback to students.
action research, group work problems
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