Evidence Based Management for Learning: An Experiment

Samie Li Shang Ly, Raafat George Saadé
InSITE 2016  •  2016  •  pp. 059-070
In this study we combine an immersive learning environment, an evidence based management method and the knowledge management SECI mindset to investigate students’ learning from scientific journal articles. The study entailed the use of a web-based peer to peer system (P2PS) that, gives an identified subject matter, engages students in extracting knowledge from a source, processes that knowledge to create new knowledge, assesses each other’s works, and then creates a test on the subject matter. We found that the immersive learning environment engaged students and improved their examination performance. However, comparing two groups, exposed versus not exposed to scientific journal article, both focused on keywords alone for the knowledge processing. This was not a desirable outcome from the knowledge management process and the tool. We believe this outcome is a result of engrained traditional learning and driven by our wish to make a change in educational practice, we propose our e-pedagogy methodology as a learning foundation for knowledge processing.
Evidence Based Management, Immersive Learning, Information Technology, Learning Models, Educational Evolution
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