Digital Learning Literacies – A Validation Study

Gila Kurtz, Yehuda Peled
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 13  •  2016  •  pp. 145-158
This paper presents a validation research of seven Digital Learning Domains (DLDs) and sixty-five performance statements (PSs) as perceived by students with experience in learning via ICT. The preliminary findings suggest a statistical firmness of the inventory. The seven DLDs identified are Social Responsibility, Team-based Learning, Information Research and Retrieval, Information Management, Information Validation, Processing and Presentation of Information, and Digital Integrity. The 65 PSs will enable a teacher to identify the level of competency the learner has in each DLD, thus identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses that must be addressed in order to facilitate learning in the current era.
As can be concluded from the findings, most of the participants evaluate themselves as digitally literate with regard to the basic information research and retrieval skills, validation and information management. But when it comes to PSs that require complex decision making or higher order thinking strategies, it seems that a large number of participants lack these skills. Also, social responsibility and digital integrity domains are perceived as known by the participants but not very well taken in terms of pro-active action to enforce appropriate digital behavior, or avoiding illegally obtained music or movies.
Digital Learning Literacies, 21st Century Skills, Learning Skills
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