Pre-Entry Doctoral Admission Variables and Retention at a Hispanic Serving Institution

Floralba Arbelo Marrero
International Journal of Doctoral Studies  •  Volume 11  •  2016  •  pp. 269-284
Doctoral student retention remains a challenge in higher education with an average attrition rate of 50%. This study focuses on analyzing pre-entry variables of admission for 81 doctoral students admitted to a doctoral program in psychology to determine whether significant associations existed between specific variables in the graduated and withdrawn groups in this cohort with over 48% Hispanic doctoral student representation. Using various quantitative analyses, findings demonstrate that the variables of GPA, ranking of ability, marital status, employment, and pre-requisites completed prior to entry into the doctoral program are each indicators of success for doctoral students. Specifically, a higher GPA, a higher ranking of ability, single marital status, part-time versus full-time employment, and the more pre-requisites completed before entering a doctoral program indicate a higher likelihood of doctoral program completion. Findings can be used as markers in the admission process to develop support and curricular interventions that will sustain doctoral students throughout the course of their doctoral studies.
Doctoral Student Retention, Hispanic Doctoral Students, Retention, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Attrition, Doctoral Completion, Quantitative, Pre-Entry Variables
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