How Do We Grow Revenues in an Uncertain World?

Robert W Hammond
Muma Case Review  •  Volume 2  •  2017  •  pp. 1-27
This case, based on actual events that took place in mobile industry, describes a complex decision about product priority and sales training in a complex landscape. Rob Hammond, product executive at Syniverse Technologies, needed to decide whether to grow revenues by focusing the sales force on selling an existing product, SMS Application to Peer Text Messaging, in new markets or investing in the future by selling a new product, Mobile Engagement. Investment and time were constrained which forced prioritization between the two alternatives.

Rob was facing a board presentation that would be delivered in less than one week. Mobile growth in developing markets was strong and expected to be strong for at least the next five years. Unfortunately, text messaging was also becoming increasingly competitive and had limited barriers to entry. The company had some success in the United States with a new Mobile Engagement product. However, the new product success had been limited to just a couple salespeople. In addition, the company had limited brand recognition outside of the telecommunications industry.

Rob needed to decide what to present to the board. No matter what direction Rob chose it was clear that the sales force needed training, but how?

The situation presented in the case and case itself is widely applicable, applying to virtually any company new product introduction. Challenging questions in product strategy, business decision making, organizational alignment, change management and informing in a complex landscape are available for exploration.
Sales, Innovation Diffusion, Motivation, Organization Change, Training, Change Management, Management, Practical Innovation
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