Teachers’ Readiness to Implement Digital Curriculum in Kuwaiti Schools

Hamed Mubarak Al-Awidi, Fayiz M Aldhafeeri
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research  •  Volume 16  •  2017  •  pp. 105-126
Aim/Purpose: The goal of this study was to investigate how Kuwaiti teachers perceive their own readiness to implement digital curriculum in public schools, and the factors that affect Kuwaiti teachers’ readiness to implement digital curriculum from their perspectives.

Background: In order to shift from the traditional instructional materials to digital and more innovative resources, teachers have to be prepared for the transformational curriculum. Teachers need to acquire all the technical and pedagogical skills that enable them to integrate digital technology effectively and efficiently into the school curriculum.

Methodology : Using a mixed-method research methodology, a random sample of 532 teachers participated in an online survey to determine the level of their readiness. In addition, semi-structured interviews were conducted with a sub sample of the participants (21) to explore the factors that affect their readiness. The researchers developed and implemented a technology readiness survey in two domains (technical and pedagogical).

Contribution: The study demonstrated that Kuwaiti teachers were not highly ready to im-plement the digital curriculum, and some issues should be considered to ensure the digital curriculum is effectively implemented.
Findings Teachers are moderately ready for implementation of the digital curriculum in both components of readiness (technical and pedagogical). Teachers identified some factors that that hinder their readiness. These factors are related to time constraints, knowledge and skills, infrastructure, and technical support.

Recommendations for Practitioners: This paper will guide curriculum decision makers to find the best ways to help and support teachers to effectively implement the digital.

Future Research: Follow up studies may examine the effectiveness of teacher education pro-grams in preparing students teachers to implement the digital curriculum, and the role of education decision makers in facilitating the implementation of the digital curriculum.
digital curriculum, educational technology, Kuwait education, technology readinesss
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