Can Learners Become Teachers? Evaluating the Merits of Student Generated Content and Peer Assessment

David E Murray, Tanya J. McGill, Danny Toohey, Nik Thompson
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 14  •  2017  •  pp. 021-033
Aim/Purpose: The aim of this project was to explore student perceptions of the value of both the creation of video content and exposure to other students’ work though peer assessment and inclusion of exemplars as unit material.

Background: The research was in a first year information technology flipped-learning unit, where the assessment involved students developing video presentations that were peer assessed and exemplars incorporated into the unit as teaching material.

Methodology: Data was gathered using a mixed methods approach using an online questionnaire followed by semi-structured interviews with a selection of questionnaire respondents. The interviews were designed to further explore issues identified from the analysis of the questionnaire data.

Contribution: Informs on student perceptions of peer review and the integration of student generated content into University teaching.

Findings: Most students enjoyed the video assessment (58%) with many preferring it to a written or programming task (55-58%). In the subsequent peer assessment, many liked seeing the work of others (67%) and found the approach engaging (63%) yet some other perceptions were mixed or neutral.

Recommendations for Practitioners: University IT students generally enjoyed and perceived peer assessment and found student generated content to be valuable.

Recommendation for Researchers: Further investigation of peer review and student generated content in contexts where the student cohort represents a variety of cultures and age categories

Impact on Society: Contributes to a body of knowledge regarding peer assessment and student generated educational materials.

Future Research: Future work is needed to better understand this domain, in particular the role of learners’ individual differences in order to successfully integrate these approaches into modern learning environments.
student generated, peer review, flipped learning, peer assessment
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