The Emergent Global Marketing Challenges For Kerala Cardamom Producers Vis-à-Vis The Role Of The Spices Board Of India

Majo George , Elsa Cherian
InSITE 2017  •  2017  •  pp. 905-906
Aim/Purpose: Since the late 1980s the Indian monopoly on the export of Cardamom has suffered a sharp and devastating setback from which India cannot recover. The research is looking into the reasons and suggests remedies.

Background: The main problems are the competition from Guatemala, higher production costs, an increasing domestic demand, the lack of action from the Spices Board of India

Methodology : The methodology used was not the conventional one, with an aim to obtain truthful and unbiased responses from all those involved using a mixture of all available methods.

Contribution: The paper focuses on the provocations, limitations and seriousness of the situation and highlights the facts and figures to make the plantation sector to regain its prosperity.

Findings: Lack of awareness among the farmers about the latest farming and post harvesting technologies and marketing strategies.

Recommendations for Practitioners: This paper suggests measures to be taken by the cardamom farmers and the market intermediaries, and analyses the future role of the Spices Board of India

Recommendation for Researchers: Further detailed studies are needed to ascertain current market share of the main competitors, to reduce the cost of production

Impact on Society: If the findings in this paper are followed, the Indian Cardamom industry could retain its previous position in the market

Future Research: Studies can be done export market, the use technology and export.
cardamom, global marketing, Guatemala threat, Spices Board of India, export market
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