Executive Higher Education Doctoral Programs in the United States: A Demographic Market-Based Analysis

Sydney Freeman Jr., Gracie Forthun
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 14  •  2017  •  pp. 001-019
Aim/Purpose: Executive doctoral programs in higher education are under-researched. Scholars, administers, and students should be aware of all common delivery methods for higher education graduate programs.
Background This paper provides a review and analysis of executive doctoral higher education programs in the United States.

Methodology: Executive higher education doctoral programs analyzed utilizing a qualitative demographic market-based analysis approach.

Contribution: This review of executive higher education doctoral programs provides one of the first investigations of this segment of the higher education degree market.

Findings: There are twelve programs in the United States offering executive higher education degrees, though there are less aggressively marketed programs described as executive-style higher education doctoral programs that could serve students with similar needs.

Recommendations for Practitioners: Successful executive higher education doctoral programs require faculty that have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in higher education. As appropriate, these programs should include tenure-line, clinical-track, and adjunct faculty who have cabinet level experience in higher education.

Recommendation for Researchers: Researchers should begin to investigate more closely the small but growing population of executive doctoral degree programs in higher education.

Impact on Society: Institutions willing to offer executive degrees in higher education will provide training specifically for those faculty who are one step from an executive position within the higher education sector. Society will be impacted by having someone that is trained in the area who also has real world experience.

Future Research: Case studies of students enrolled in executive higher education programs and research documenting university-employer goals for these programs would enhance our understanding of this branch of the higher education degree market.
higher education, executive, graduate programs
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