Vietnam Run: An Alternative Approach to Mobile Learning

Brian McCauley, Li Ping Thong, Mathews Nkhoma, Nhan Nguyen
InSITE 2017  •  2017  •  pp. 159-169
Aim/Purpose: How to spread an anti-littering message amongst Vietnamese youth.

Background: We outline the design of a mobile game aimed at educating the target audience on the value of not littering.

Methodology : We use key theory from the literature to inform the design of the game.

Contribution: This paper outlines an approach to education that could provide value in re-conceptualizing mobile learning in future. A unique mobile game, Vietnam Run, was designed and developed for the Vietnamese audience, and its game design considerations outlined. There is a lack of studies conducted in the area of mobile serious games within the context of Vietnam. This paper addresses the existing gap in the present literature from that perspective. The game design considerations outlined in this paper could be adapted and applied to the future development of similar mobile serious games in Vietnam.

Findings: Localization as a starting point increases value when a key problem and target audience has been identified. Social cognitive theory and elaboration likelihood model forms the overarching theory that defines game design to sustain player interest and engagement.

Recommendations for Practitioners: Academic theory can provide a conceptual starting point for designing educational tools.

Recommendation for Researchers: Application of theory in real world applications lends credence and delivers measurable impact in order to demonstrate value of previous work.

Impact on Society: It is anticipated that Vietnam Run will have value in spreading positive anti-littering message within Vietnam and provide a starting point for future projects that can expand the aims of this project further.

Future Research: The future success of the game will be analyzed through media reach, game downloads and in-game analytics in order to provide a strong conceptual basis
for future work in this area.
mobile learning, serious games, Vietnam
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