Zul Ariff Abdul Latiff, Mohammad Amizi Ayob
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 1  •  2017  •  pp. 073-083

This research seeks to determine the consumer preferences between local and import rice by using theory of knowledge, attitude and perception model (KAP).

Rice industry has received special attention from the government and was put as the most important food crop for ensuring the nation’s food security. This study tries to reveal the preferences of the consumer for imported rice as compared to local rice based on their knowledge, attitude and perception.

The simple random sampling technique is adopted in selecting 154 rice consumers in the Kelantan area. 154 questionnaires were distributed to them.

This paper studies the preferences of the consumer for local and imported rice. The findings presented and conclusions reached could be of interests to consumers, researchers, society, manufacturers and government.

The findings from factor analysis supported the proposed model indicated that consumer knowledge is the first factor that influenced consumer preference on the rice followed by perception and attitude. It is also suggested that the demographic factor have a relationship with consumer preference based on their knowledge, attitude and perception.

The consumer knowledge of local rice in Malaysia should be promoted more through television and social media as this influences their attitude when purchasing rice at the market. The quantity and the availability of the local product should be based on the majority of the consumers that usually shop for rice in medium amounts from the store near their house. Government should promote local rice to consumer more often to change their perceptions about local rice production in Malaysia.

More studies can be done regarding the behavior of consumers toward imported rice compared to local rice either in Kelantan or other states in Malaysia.

The findings can help rice producers to understand the customers’ needs and wants. Hence, government and local producers need to fulfill society needs by producing rice which has the quality demanded by local consumers.

This study focuses in Kelantan only which does not represent other states. Due to this, further research is required to obtain the national consumer preference for rice.

Consumer preference, local rice, imported rice, knowledge, attitude, perception
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