Beyond the Walls of the Classroom: Introduction to the IJELL Special Series of Chais Conference 2017 Best Papers

Nitza Geri, Ina Blau, Avner Caspi, Yoram M. Kalman, Vered Silber-Varod, Yoram Eshet-Alkalai
Interdisciplinary Journal of e-Skills and Lifelong Learning  •  Volume 13  •  2017  •  pp. 143-150

This preface presents the papers included in the ninth issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of e-Skills and Lifelong Learning (IJELL) special series of selected Chais Conference best papers.

The Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies: Learning in the Technological Era, is organized by the Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies, The Open University of Israel. The 12th Chais Conference was held at The Open University of Israel, Raanana, Israel, on February 14-15, 2017. Each year, selected papers of the Chais conference are expanded and published in IJELL.

A qualitative conceptual analysis of the themes and insights of the papers included in the ninth selection of IJELL special series of selected Chais Conference best papers.

The presentation of the papers of this selection emphasizes their novelty, as well as their main implications, describes current research issues, and chronicles the main themes within the discourse of learning technologies research, as reflected at the Chais 2017 conference.

Contemporary research goes ‘beyond the walls of the classroom’ and investigates systemic and pedagogical aspects of integrating learning technologies in education on a large scale.

Researchers are encouraged to investigate broad aspects of seizing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges of integrating innovative technologies in education.

Effective application of learning technologies has a major potential to improve the well-being of individuals and societies.

The conceptual analysis of contemporary main themes of innovative learning technologies may provide researchers with novel directions for future research on various aspects of the effective utilization of learning technologies.

Learning technologies, e-learning, technology integration in education, diffusion of innovation, human-computer interaction, lifelong learning, educational technologies research
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